10/9/2019 - with olli hirvonen at jazz gallery new york , ny 7:30/9:30 pm

10/15/2019 - solo piano at 92nd street y new york, ny 6:00 pm

10/22/2019 - with olli hirvonen at cantebury house ann arbor, mi 8:00 pm

10/23/2019- with olli hirvonen at hungry brain chicago, il 8:00 pm

10/24/2019 with olli hirvonen at bop stop cleveland, oh 8:00 pm

11/1/2019 with pallas at soapbox gallery brooklyn, ny 8:00 pm

11/2/2019 with surrender space at ibeam brooklyn, ny 8:00 pm

11/3/2019 with emma frank and jeff davis at weill art gallery new york, ny 8:00 pm

11/5/2019 with olli hirvonen at bop shop records presents rochester, ny 8:00 pm

11/15-12/6/2019 with olli hirvonen “displace” europe release tour